Workshops & Events

Extruding Basics Seminar
July 22nd
$30/Current Art Alliance Students Only
Instructor: Lorrie Price
Ever wonder what that blue metal contraption with the big handle is in the studio…. that’s a clay extruder.You can extrude solid coils,  clay tubes of different shapes and sizes or flat strips to use as walls for pots.  Keeping things simple or altering these shapes you can make cups, vases, fairy houses,  casserole dishes, boxes… the possibilities are endless.

Through lecture and demonstration, this workshop will cover:
How to use the Extruder
How to build an extruded casserole dish
How to build an extruded cup
How to build an extruded vase
Other extruded possibilities

July 27 – Community Build-a-Bowl
1-2pm Workshop 1
3-4pm Workshop 2
Join the fight against hunger in our community and learn how to make a one-of-a-kind hand built ceramic bowl with instruction and guidance from our talented teachers. The bowl you make will be donated to Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Feast of Caring fundraiser in November. Money raised during The Feast of Caring provides food, shelter and rehousing assistance to men, women and families. For over a decade Art Alliance has been a strategic partner making and donating thousands of bowls for the Feast of Caring.
Registration is required.  All materials will be supplied.
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Surface Design with Leanne Pizio
August 10th & 11th 1-5pm
$130/Current Art Alliance Students

Come join us for a two day workshop August 10th and 11th exploring surface design with Leanne Pizio. Leanne, who is mostly known for her black and white sgraffito pottery, will explore 3 or more new decorating techniques. We will be practicing a slip transfer technique that is easy, fast and wonderful for any skill level. Also, we will investigate a different, elegant look to the more traditional sgraffito technique. And finally, (unless we have more time. cross your fingers. ) we will explore a more painterly way of decorating a vessel using commercial glazes and mason stains.
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Advance Raku (current Art Alliance students only) –  FULL

CLASS: September 20 9-12pm Fine Arts Room FIRING: Nov 1 5-8pm in Lebauer Park.
Currently enrolled Adult Pottery students are eligible to participate in this firing.
Workshop is limited to 6 participants.
Instructor: Ben Winslow
$60 for a full bag of Raku clay, or $35 for a half bag of clay

This raku workshop will build upon participants prior experiences with the raku firing process.  In our meeting prior to the firing we will discuss the different glazes available and  how to incorporate them into the overall design of the wares .  As well as using glazes to decorate , we will talk about how to use terra sigiallata to create burnished surfaces to enhance overall design.  Participants will play an active roll in the loading and unloading of successive firings to achieve optimal results.  As always safety protocols will be discussed prior to the firing.
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Handbuilding Basics (current Art Alliance students only)
September 22 Register HERE
$30/Current Art Alliance Students Only
Instructor: Lorrie Price

Handbuilding is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. The most common handbuilding techniques are pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building.  In this seminar you will learn from lecture and demonstrations the basics necessary to begin handbuilding your very own pieces.

This workshop will cover:
How to use the 2 slab rollers in our studio
How to use slump molds
How to build a pot from a slab of clay
How to build a bowl using coils
Building a pinch pot in your hand
The importance of scoring and slipping

Taking the Next Step –Throwing Intensive with Ron Philbeck
October 12 9-5
October 13 1-5
$135/Current Art Alliance Student

This workshop is geared toward improving your throwing skills and to help you develop more ease and confidence with clay. Starting where you are, we will explore ways to move your work in a forward direction.  Ron will demonstrate creating a number of different forms, from mugs and pitchers to yunomi and jars, bowls and plates. He will also demonstrate making handles and cutting/trimming feet.

This is a “hands-on” workshop. Ron will be demonstrating his techniques but there will also be plenty of time for participants to make pots under his guidance.  Some throwing experience is required, however, all can benefit from this workshop, from beginning to advanced potters. Come equipped with your favorite throwing tools and a notebook.

As time allows Ron will discuss his use of social media and online sales.
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